Job Opening(s)

Field of Greens Markets Coordinator Position

The Purpose of this position is to administer Point of Sale (POS) processing and payment at each of 3 Field of Greens Farmers’ markets, manage the specialty stand management, market promotion and vendor recruitment. The locations are: Washington Park City of Groton, Tuesdays from 3 to 6 pm; L+M Hospital New London, Wednesdays from 3 pm to 6 pm; Williams Park, New London, Fridays 3 pm to 6 pm.


Info Coordinator must be at the market at least ½ hour before each market’s start time, set up tent, table, specialty stand setup and any information for customer distribution, process all credit/debit/EBT swipe cards (includes providing tokens to the customer). Reimbursement for tokens from vendors will be documented and checks provided at the following week’s market(s). Payments, using the documented reimbursement, will be processed by the TVSC president or TVSC accounting department. The Coordinator will reimburse vendors at the market with those processed checks. At the end of each market, when there is music, the musician(s) will be paid (TVSC will provide signed check for use).

Other payments may come from vendors. Most vendors pay on line, but occasionally they will pay at the market(s) they’re attending. This is particularly true of guest vendors who may pay each time they come to the market.

The Coordinator will maintain communications as needed with the Market Master (Smith Acres who is also a vendor at the market). The Market master is responsible for the overall operation of each market. Must be able to comfortably lift 50 lbs. and transport specialty stand items to and from the markets.

Market operates rain or shine unless hazardous conditions occur.

Start up – TVSC will provide initial introduction to the market in general, and specific training on the use of the POS. TVSC will be available for any questions via email or phone as needed. TVSC will provide the Coordinator with a tent, table and chair for the markets. The Coordinator will set up the info station and store the tent, etc. for each market. If these are in need of replacement than the Coordinator will contact TVSC contact.

Season – Starts early July 2019 through end of October 2019.  (Premarket work/compensation negotiable).

Compensation – This is a 1099 position. Base pay is $50 per market held; in addition Specialty Stand and vendor recruitment  incentive plans. Premarket start-up compensation to be negotiated.

Contact: or call 860-439-0016